Friday, July 25, 2014

Go, you baby bears

Against my better judgement, I've watched the vast majority of the last two or three seasons' worth of Cubs games. Sweet baby Jesus, it's been bad. I was overjoyed, though, when a few years ago the organization hired Theo Epstein, of Red Sox fame, to right the ship.

Step one: Blow up the entire franchise. That means maximizing the old, expensive talent and turning it into young, better talent that costs much much much less. We're in the third year of that now, and it's finally paying off. The farm system is now the good kind of ridiculous — completely stocked with talent. Wave after wave of young, top-end talent. There are a few on the big-league club now, and a bunch more on the way. The Cubs have five players in the Baseball America top 30 prospects list. That's fairly solid.

And because of that, it's actually fun to watch this damn team now again. There were glimmers of hope before, but they're coming more frequently now. Of course, since the All-Star break they've been terrible — pretty sure they're 1-5.

But it won't be long. And not the "if we cross our fingers and the other teams fold the Cubs will win" kind of "it won't be long." It's actual, honest-to-goodness hope.

Man, I'm a sucker.


Fred Hinsley said...

Yes you are a sucker. However - although I'm no baseball fan - I hope what you're seeing is an indication of a bright future for the Cubs. The 90's were the best decade for the Nebraska Cornhuskers (football). Even though I'm a fan, on the rare occasions that they'd lose to some no-name program, I'd sit back and smile - thinking about how great it would be to be a fan of that other school. Knowing a lot of people from the school only went to the game to see a powerhouse (NU) play. They had no expectation. Then they won.

If the cubs ever go all the way, it will be amazing. I hope to see it in my lifetime. It could happen, right?

RD said...

you know what's good ? 10 $ oldstyle at Wrigley..

bryan said...

When it happens, it will be the most ridiculous thing you can imagine. I will be utterly worthless for 48 hours afterward. I will purchase far too many World Series products.

Beer at Werner Park is $9, by the way. It makes the $10 Wrigley beer seem not so bad - even if it's really bad.