Friday, May 22, 2015


Tuesday morning, around 8:15 or so, I was sitting at my desk doing adjuster things. This is mostly just clicking around a lot and shuffling through reports and papers and stuff like that. From 8 to 9:30 is the best time to get stuff done, because it's 6 to 7:30 in California. Only crazy people call workers' comp adjusters at that time.

That does happen sometimes, though, and it's rarely great news.

Anyway, this is not one of those times. Still ended up bad, though. My stomach started feeling not great, and it seemed as though I'd be better off horizontal. Hmmm. I sat there and sweated it out for about 20 minutes while realizing that I was heading straight for an unpleasant experience. Finally I decided that if I was going to throw up, it would be better doing it at home. So I punched out, grabbed my stuff and left. Rapidly.

Long story short, I spent the rest of the day on the couch, trying hard to remain VERY still. I felt OK by bedtime, but not awesome. Breakfast Wednesday was spare, and I had to force myself to get dressed and go to work.

But by lunchtime I was OK and ate normally, if not slowly. And an hour later I was super hungry again. So I ate more, and then I decided that not eating for 24 hours — and then eating lots — was the perfect setup to riding Wednesday Night Worlds.

If you're waiting for the punchline, you'll be disappointed. I actually, somehow, rode OK that night. Some portions could actually be considered riding well. Though I know the group was a little slower due to a lot of guys racing this weekend, it still wasn't slow. I felt fine the whole time. Normal, even.

I don't understand this at all, really — especially considering how completely awful I felt 24 hours prior.

But I'll take it. More miles are on the way for the weekend, and it might even be possible to be worth a crap for the Nebraska race weekend. We'll see ... .

Sunday, May 17, 2015

Stack 'em up

Apparently, all I needed to do was complain about training in order to ride fast. The seven-to-10 days have been spot-on. Strong legs, plenty of jump and piling on the miles. No, I don't know why.

I felt really good last weekend and carried it through this week. Wednesday Night Worlds was probably as good as I've ever ridden on that ride in terms of comfort and strength. I was where I needed to be almost the whole time, and when I wasn't, I was able to get there without a ton of stress. Needless to say, that was a confidence-booster.

On Saturday, Flatwater Cycling hosted (sort of) the Lincoln Industries Gran Fondo in Lincoln. I've been in need of a long, steady day on the bike, and this did the trick. We ticked up 100 miles (OK, 99.8) in less than 5 hours of ride time. Though we could have drilled it in hopes of getting done a bit sooner, I was happy with the steady, solid effort.

More miles this morning and I still felt great. I tried to hit the flat parts at tempo wattage and then punched it pretty good on a few uphill sections. By the time I rolled in I was feeling the good kind of tired. It's an easy day next and then another good, solid week ahead.

Friday, May 15, 2015

Come see the devil baby

I was up at midnight last night. And also at 1:30. The night before it was more like 3. For those with kids — or maybe even idiot dogs — you know this can happen sometimes. Kids (and dogs!) don't always keep quiet when the sun goes down.

Jack is silent from dusk to dawn and doesn't wake up for anything. Storms? Nah. Any sort of loud noise? Nah. The kid likes to sleep.

Maddy once woke up and cried because she needed a hug. That's what she said when I came in to see what was going on. "I need a hug!" OK then. I gave her a hug and she was quiet.

Lately though, she's been crying and screeching and carrying on seemingly in a fit of rage. There's kicking and swatting and no explanation as to why she's doing it. Just more and more and more yelling. Last night I sat with her for 15 or 20 minutes (at 1:30) to get her quieted down and back in bed.

It makes for long nights and sleepy mornings for Chris and I. And that's why now, halfway through my second cup of coffee, I'm still ready to go back to bed. More coffee, I guess.

Monday, May 11, 2015

Something to shoot for, I guess

Fun fact: When I was in first grade, I started taking piano lessons (me too, Brady!). My teacher was the wife of my church's retired pastor. Her name was Velma and she had poofy hair that was usually colored with a violent shade of light brown or red. And her eyebrows were probably a little too arched to be natural.

But anyway, she was a good teacher. I was probably an OK student, too. I picked things up fairly quickly and progressed quickly enough. I enjoyed being able to play the piano but didn't necessarily enjoy practicing the piano. Seriously, it was a drag most of the time.

But if I had something cool to play, I tended to spend more time at the piano. I always enjoyed Beethoven the most, because his best stuff was dark, moody and — sometimes — LOUD. Take Sonata No. 14 in C Sharp Minor (better known as "Moonlight Sonata).

Pretty slow and quiet in the beginning. But dark and moody and wonderful. I played a very, very watered-down version of this when I was in maybe fifth grade. Of course, the first part, even as written by Beethoven, is pretty easy.

Move to 9:15 for the hard part.

Holy shit.

While it's been probably 25 years since I took anything to do with the piano seriously (including that time when I was a senior and played a song on piano in band ... poorly), I do know what it takes to do that. Hitting all of the notes is one thing, but hitting them at that speed is ridiculous.

But part of me wants to get a copy of this piece and figure it out. The odds are long, but I do remember what it's like to really feel what you're playing — to know every note and measure of the whole thing.

The odds are long, most likely. It would take years. But it's available for $7.19 on Amazon. The whole smash. I've paid more for what's likely to be the same amount of frustration. It might even be a good deal.

Friday, May 8, 2015

Content creation

I've been staring at this computer for about 30 minutes. My mind is blank.

Gonna have to try again later.

Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Get 'em when you can

To be blunt, my training lately has been for shit.

This is due to a confluence of weather and scheduling, and there's not much I can do about either of them. But it's tough to reconcile my desire to ride lots with the unavailability of riding time.

Basically, I'm trying to go fast here, world.

Perspective and a bit of common sense dictates that I could calm the hell down and remember that I'm 37, a middling racer and well into the twilight of my athletic career. But it's hard to let go of that part of things sometimes.

It's currently Wednesday night, the night that has for years been reserved for feats of strength on the bicycle. I'm hanging out at home with Jack and Maddy, though, because the schedule says so. I have no problem with this, because being a good dad is my No. 1 goal — probably forever.

I'll get on the trainer lately, hopefully, and get some sort of work in. I'll probably have to do the same tomorrow, thanks to the rain. And maybe on Friday or Saturday I'll get outside.

This is life, and I'm having a great time. And if this is how it is, I'll be OK.

Friday, May 1, 2015

Getting closer

May 1. We're about three weeks from the end of the school year, which means it's almost summer. Well, not equinox summer, but close enough.

It's starting to get pretty light, pretty early these days. This photo was taken around 6:15 this morning. Starting next week, I'll probably be able to add a morning ride or two to the schedule. Yes, I know I could have added them at any time, simply by employing lights, but it's awfully hard to pry yourself out of bed at 4 to go ride in the dark for two hours. Maybe that's why I'm not really, really fast? Could be, but sleep is important, too.

Anyway, when school is out I can be on the road at 5:30, back by 7:30 and have plenty of time to get ready for work. It'll be great.

With the nice weather and a full calendar, right now is one of the few times the house is quiet. It's nice like this, because I don't need to remind the kids that fighting, yelling at each other and arguing will result in one-way tickets to their rooms.

And here we are. A finished-enough blog post. I'm not sure I managed to actually say anything, but the box is checked.